Stop, Look, Listen

We heard those words a million times when we were kids, usually in relationship to being safe when crossing the street. But what if we could use those words now to help us live better as adults?

Stop look and Listen before crossing.


When you’re about to start something new

When you’re feeling overwhelmed

When you’re feeling tense

When you’re unsure of yourself

When you’re “trying” to make yourself be different in any way

When you place a “should” expectation on yourself

When you’re convinced somebody else is better for the job than you are

When you wonder why you said yes in the first place


Take a moment to just breathe.


At the situation

At your feelings about what is going on

At your beliefs to see if they are really true

At the shoulds you impose upon yourself

At who your support people are. Can you reach out for help?

At your boundaries–are they working for you?


Take another few moments and just breathe. Slowly and with intention.


To what other people are saying to you. Do you agree with them?

To what your body is saying.

To where you are feeling tension

To what your feelings are saying

To how you speak to yourself. What tone of voice do you use?

To your inner wisdom to see what it has to offer

To what beliefs might bring you to a better place.


Let what you learned by listening sink into your consciousness while you take a few more conscious breaths.


And once you have done all this, see how you can begin again in a new place and in a new way informed by your inner wisdom.


If you want a simple, calming, grounding breathing exercise to practice when you stop to look and listen, try this simple exercise. Here’s a short (5 minute) recording to walk you through the process.





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