Make Yourself Resilient to Stress in Six Simple Steps

In a world full of uncertainty and inevitable stressors (hello 2020!), building resilience (becoming impervious to stress) is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

Enjoy this free workshop on how to make yourself impervious to stress in the face of life's inevitable stressors. Dr. Hall shares a simple yet profound process for staying physically and emotionally healthy even in the chaos of modern life.

Did you know that stress accounts for 70-90% of all doctors visits and causes around one million workers to miss work daily? Yet most people when asked, don't identify stress as a problem in their lives. As a culture we have glorified it, identified with it, and taken it so much for granted that we fear we'll lose our edge if we change our relationship with stress. The reality is that we can be more efficient, healthier, and higher performing when we practice the six skills of resilience that we teach in this workshop.

So if you want to feel less reactive and more empowered in your life, this workshop is for you.


If you feel stuck in patterns that aren't working for your anymore, this workshop is for you.


If you are feeling overwhelmed, rundown, burnt out, overloaded, or like you know you could be performing better if things just settled down a bit, this workshop is for you.

What People Say About Our Class:

I am amazed at the extent of the change I see in my daily life.

Now that I am a few months beyond the Taming the Bear course, I am amazed at the extent of the change I see in my daily life. I am so much better able to recognize when I am feeling reactive about a topic/situation/conversation. This increased awareness, combined with the process of the 7 tools learned during the course, means I am able to consider my feelings and actions with curiosity rather than being completely caught up in the moment and reacting.
Meeting myself with so much more compassion than judgement, like we learned in the course, has also been a game changer for me. My days feel lighter since I am being kinder to myself.
Our TTB group has kept in contact after the course ended, and the mutual support and validation has been so much fun to continue. The shared lessons and language of TTB mean that we can support each other as we continue to grow into using the tools. The community feeling among our small group is a real support—we are actively planning our next group check in to keep that feeling going.
-Bridget Ruiz, Executive Coach

I'm learning to understand what my reactions are tied to

I didn't have a lot of expectations when I signed up for the class, but someone I trusted assured me that the content was something I should explore. 12 weeks later, I am infinitely grateful that I listened. The 7 tools start with simple awareness of how I am choosing to experience my life and react to it. Going into it, I would have said that I thrive on career stress, and the adrenaline of constantly striving to achieve, solve, and master work is something that has been a positive accelerant to my career.

The number of "lightbulb!" moments I've had about the impact of that kind of lifestyle is infinite. Taking time to explore why that drive is a constant in my life and how it impacts non-work relationships and my health is making a difference in the choices I make. I'm evolving at being able to step back from the moment and take an objective stance before I react. I'm learning to understand what my reactions are tied to--at the deepest level--and this understanding leads to self compassion and evolution.
Since the class ended, our cohort has maintained our relationships, and we continue to support each other through sharing of reading materials, experiences, and simple reminders. I'm not exactly where I want to be, but I understand the journey, and the 7 Tools are ones that I can take out and apply regularly to address the daily realities of my work and personal life.

-Erin Scruggs, Senior Director, Talent Acquisition at LinkedIn

It is a life changing experience

Taming The Bear was undoubtedly one of the most impactful experiences in my 15-year journey with Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress. Incorporating the Seven Tools of Healing into my daily life provided perspective and practical skills that allowed me to transform my perceptions and effectively manage my emotions. It is a life changing experience I would recommend to any service members or veterans that have been to combat and then find themselves in a battle to rediscover their souls.

-Charles Bailey, US Army, Retired, OIF and OEF Combat Veteran

Before Taming the Bear, I can honestly say I didn't know what I didn't know.  I joined the course at my friend's suggestion, and my only expectation was that I would walk away with a few stress-handling tools. I didn't realize how the course would transform my life.  I also don't think I realized my life was in need of a transformation.

Curiosity is my favorite TTB word. (Sorry Compassion, you're a close second!)  The whole course was a master class in being curious about whatever it is that causes stress and anxiety (or any other trigger emotion), and then following that curiosity deeper and deeper.  It's a beautiful, messy, spiraling, magnificent scavenger hunt into your own unique headspace. I REALLY fell in love with this part of the process.

Grace is the magical guide that allows all of this work to flow in an organic and authentic way. She's beyond intuitive and amazing to watch and learn from. She created a space for all of us to grow, at our own pace, and within our own boundaries.

Throughout the course, I found myself more open.  Open to laughter, open to mistakes, open to living a big juicy messy life.  I can breathe easier.  I can see the world around me a little clearer. I feel more connected - to myself - to my family - to my job - to what I want my life to be.

I am eternally grateful - for all of it. Thanks Grace!

-Carolyn Andros, Freelance Photographer, Navy Veteran, Navy EOD Spouse

Early on, I realized that this course would be different

I was so excited when Patti suggested that I take the class. I was in a space where my stress level was the driving force that determined so many of my thoughts and actions, and I wanted to change that.  I loved the experiential practices every week. They reinforced the class material in a way that made it "sink in" more. I also really enjoyed hearing the experiences of everyone on the weekly calls. Even though we were all processing different life experiences, it was empowering to see how The 7 Tools were applicable to each situation.

Previously, I was trying to make friends with my stress through activities like yoga, hiking, and meditation. These are still important tools for me, but now I realize that these activities were mainly helping process the after effects of stress. I would be paralyzed by stress and *then* employ these tools to "feel better." The 7 Tools has added a framework for attending to my stress as it arises throughout the day.

I am not generally a willing group participant, especially when it comes to sharing my feelings. Although this was definitely the most challenging part of the course for me, I was not expecting to look forward to the calls every week. After going through the process, I now feel more empowered to share how I am feeling - and I know why it is helpful to do so!

The 7 Tools course is an in-depth study of the steps anyone can take to reframe their relationship with stress. Throughout the 12 weeks, participants learn practical skills that encourage a compassionate, fully present understanding of the stress response that leads to personal growth.

I was skeptical before signing up for the class because I have been "battling" stress for a long time - and have been on a constant, fruitless search for "answers" to the "problem." Early on, I realized that this course would be different because we weren't "battling" or "solving" anything. It took me a few weeks of working with the course materials, but I found a way recognize and transform how much of my relationship with stress was about overcoming it.

I loved the presence and kindness that Grace brought to the calls each week. It was so cool to listen as she helped guide participants with questions to delve deeper into tricky blind spots. The grounding energy she brought to the calls was much appreciated.

Dr. Hall has a unique ability to bring lightness - and bumper sticker-ready humor - in a heart-centered way that honors the depth of the work we are doing without getting weighted down in the difficult emotions that can arise when delving into the origins of our stress responses.

-Sara Siegel, Web Developer

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