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The 7 Tools of Healing: Unlock Your Inner Wisdom and Live the Life Your Soul Desires

About the 7 Tools

The Seven Tools are simple. They are timeless. You might even find them familiar. What’s unique about The Seven Tools is how they fit together into a gentle yet powerful practice that you can use to create lasting change in your life. Our classes teach you how to use them to unlock patterns that have been blocking you for years.


The genius of the Seven Tools happens when you learn to communicate with your own inner wisdom and follow its advice to examine and compassionately change your life challenges. If you sincerely practice what we teach in our classes, you will have tools you can use for the rest of your life to effect radical, positive change in yourself.

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Faith is our connection to something larger than ourselves that allows us to trust in what we have no evidence of.

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The practice of awareness grounds us in the present by allowing us to see what is in this current moment.

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Acceptance is saying, “This is what is in this current moment” and releasing any attempt to deny, repress, reject, intellectualize, or rationalize that truth.

Leaf 5


When we bring enough compassion to ourselves and our situation, we will naturally realign ourselves with our highest good.

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Forgiveness does not mean condoning or forgetting, it means releasing the emotional charge you are carrying around from the past so you can move forward into the present.

Leaf 6


Through gratitude, we connect to the knowledge that the world is an incredible place that works in amazing ways to bring us the experiences we need to heal our wounds.

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Right Action

Right action is when our doing comes from our being. What we do and what we say come from who we are and our own understanding of ourselves in the world.

About Dr. Steve Hall

Hi, I’m Dr. Steve Hall. I started out my medical career in 1985 as a residency trained, board certified family practitioner. For all these years, it’s been my sincere passion to help people heal. I am looking to do more than diminish symptoms (though that is nice too). I work to help my patients genuinely heal by returning to their optimal state of health and wholeness.

Grace Beach

About Grace Porter, LMHC

Hi, I’m Grace Porter, LMHC, aka Dr. Hall's second daughter. I have been a psychotherapist for over a decade. It is my passion to help people reconnect to their authentic selves and to heal the wounds that keep them stuck in painful patterns. I bring my extensive knowledge of the human psyche to our work at The 7 Tools. I am skilled at facilitating growth and healing in a compassionate and insightful way.


When you think about it, healing implies change. The Seven Tools of Healing presents a reliable, practical, and versatile method of creating authentic, long lasting change in your life. You don’t have to go to a mountaintop and meditate all day; you can, instead, pay attention to the experiences life presents you each moment. Learn to examine the pain and suffering of your life and make it be a catalyst for positive growth. Learn how to pay attention to the underlying beliefs that drive your behaviors and form the lenses with which you interpret your life experiences and begin to change how you respond. The more consciousness you can bring to everyday moments, the more you can live a life congruent with your true self. As you learn to live more and more authentically, you chose behaviors and attitudes that allow you to heal on the deepest levels.

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The Seven Tools of Healing contains science, philosophy and patient stories. It contains practical exercises and an easy-to-follow process to get more in touch with your inner wisdom as a path to finding answers to the questions you have about your life. You become a wizard of your own life. And The Seven Tools of Healing teaches you exactly how to do this.


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Teach Your Children to be Heathy with Their Feelings

As a society we are learning more and more about the importance of emotional intelligence. Unfortunately, it's not something that is taught in many schools and isn't always modeled at home either. As parents, it's hard to teach our kids what hasn't been modeled for us. Strong Foundations: Teach Your Children to Be Healthy with Their Feelings gives you the knowledge and practical skills you need to raise your children to be resilient and emotionally healthy.

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Taming the Bear_Taking theBite out ofStress

Taming the Bear: Taking the bite out of stress

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What People Say About Us:

Getting to the depths of what is true allows me to make better decisions.

I went into Seven Tools thinking that I would "fix" some things that showed up in my personal life--as a wife, mother, and friend.  The course definitely helped me evolve on this front, but what surprised me was the impact that the Seven Tools made on my role as a corporate leader.  The tools have helped me to alter the way I deal with pressure/chaos/conflict at work, and have moved me down the continuum of reactivity so that I can respond to issues that arise versus being purely reactive.  Doing the work to learn and apply the seven tools has taught me to be a spectator to my own thoughts--suspending judgment of others (and myself) in a way that allows me to lead with more compassion and conviction. Decisions I make have more depth, as I've found a way to pull at the threads of instincts, reactions, and emotions to uncover what lies beneath the surface.  Getting to the depths of what is true allows me to make better decisions and to authentically and honestly communicate "the why" behind them.

-Erin Scruggs, Senior Director, Global Talent Acquisition at LinkedIn

Taming the Bear has had the biggest/most outsized impact for the cost of anything I have tried.

Now that months have gone by and I see the Tools in play in my life, Taming the Bear has had the biggest/most outsized impact for the cost of anything I have tried.
What I learned helps me professionally, personally, as a parent, with my aging parents....It sounds too good to be true, but everyone in my Taming The Bear group says the same thing. We all feel like we are different people than we were 18 months ago.
The Tools are applicable in so many ways—taking Taming the Bear was investing in learning a new understanding of myself that has brought new equanimity to all parts of my life. It is so worth the cost.
-Ellen Stamp, Executive Coach

"I have read numerous parenting books and taken other parenting courses, and this one by far is the most comprehensive and most helpful I’ve taken thus far in my parenting experience."

The 7 Tools of Healing Strong Foundations course is invaluable information for all parents. This course is a great balance of teaching a foundational framework for parents about how to help a child be healthy with their feelings and also outlining practical strategies, providing specific scripts, and sharing exercises for both the parent and the child. There were many helpful tips and suggestions that I wrote down to try immediately with my 4-year-old and 3-month-old. I have read numerous parenting books and taken other parenting courses, and this one by far is the most comprehensive and most helpful I’ve taken thus far in my parenting experience. 

HIGHLY recommend this course to both new or seasoned parents. The suggestions and exercises provided through this course have been transformative to my family dynamic and given me more confidence as a parent. I also truly believe the information presented in this course will help raise my children to be healthier, happier and more resilient.

Hallie Ribelin, M.Ed. CF-SLP Speech Language Pathologist Clinical Fellow, Mom of Two

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