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We are very proud of the words our patients, clients and community share about The 7 Tools, about Dr. Steve Hall and about Grace Porter. Click the testimonials below to learn more!

Now that I am a few months beyond the Taming the Bear course, I am amazed at the extent of the change I see in my daily life. I am so much better able to recognize when I am feeling reactive about a topic/situation/conversation. This increased awareness, combined with the process of the 7 tools learned during the course, means I am able to consider my feelings and actions with curiosity rather than being completely caught up in the moment and reacting.
Meeting myself with so much more compassion than judgement, like we learned in the course, has also been a game changer for me. My days feel lighter since I am being kinder to myself.
Our TTB group has kept in contact after the course ended, and the mutual support and validation has been so much fun to continue. The shared lessons and language of TTB mean that we can support each other as we continue to grow into using the tools. The community feeling among our small group is a real support—we are actively planning our next group check in to keep that feeling going.
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