About the 7 Tools

The Seven Tools are simple. They are timeless. You might even find them familiar. What’s unique about The Seven Tools is how they fit together into a gentle yet powerful practice that you can use to create lasting change in your life. Our classes teach you how to use them to unlock patterns that have been blocking you for years.


The genius of the Seven Tools happens when you learn to communicate with your own inner wisdom and follow its advice to examine and compassionately change your life challenges. If you sincerely practice what we teach in our classes, you will have tools you can use for the rest of your life to effect radical, positive change in yourself.

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Right Action

What are The Seven Tools?

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The first four tools are the workhorses in the process of making lasting, authentic, supportive change. They are skills that improve with practice. Once you have integrated these tools, the others follow naturally and you will be amazed how easily change happens. We’ll teach you exactly how to do this in our courses. We are here to help you transform your life.

Faith, as in trust.

Faith is the foundation of everything we know in life. Faith is our connection to something larger than ourselves that allows us to trust in what we have no evidence of. It creates the container for our lives and allows us to change in ways our ego minds cannot fathom. Faith holds the space for the possibility of change.


Awareness is the process of bringing information from the unconscious mind into the conscious. We can practice awareness of any aspect of ourselves or our lives including our physical sensations, emotions, thoughts, relationships, surroundings, energetic states, and the patterns in our lives. The practice of awareness grounds us in the present by allowing us to see what is in this current moment.


Acceptance is fully admitting to yourself the truth of this current moment, exactly as it is. It is saying, “This is what is in this current moment” and releasing any attempt to deny, repress, reject, intellectualize, or rationalize that truth.


Compassion is a perspective of unreserved kindness. Compassion is love in action. Compassion is seeing yourself and your situation from an open-hearted presence. We call compassion The Alchemist because it is the agent of transformation. When we bring enough compassion to ourselves and our situation, we will naturally realign ourselves with our highest good.


Forgiveness naturally happens when you bring enough compassion to a situation; it just makes sense. Forgiveness happens the moment you give up all hope that the past will ever be any different. Forgiveness is for you. It does not mean condoning or forgetting, it means releasing the emotional charge you are carrying around from the past so you can move forward into the present.


Gratitude also grows out of the practice of compassion and forgiveness. We feel gratitude when we find the gifts that lie within our experiences. Through gratitude, we connect to the knowledge that the world is an incredible place that works in amazing ways to bring us the experiences we need to heal our wounds.

Right Action.

When we understand correctly the truth of our life, then we know how to make choices that are congruent with that truth. This is Right Understanding.  Right Action is based upon right understanding. Right action is when our doing comes from our being. What we do and what we say come from who we are and our own understanding of ourselves in the world.

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