Dr. Steve Hall

Hi, I’m Dr. Steve Hall. I started out my medical career in 1985 as a residency trained, board certified family practitioner. For all these years, it’s been my sincere passion to help people heal. I am looking to do more than diminish symptoms (though that is nice too). I work to help my patients genuinely heal by returning to their optimal state of health and wholeness.

I love encouraging people as they discover the root cause of their difficulties and help them transform their lives on that level so the rest of their life can fall into place too. You have NO idea how exciting this is to watch.

I have had over 30 years to watch my patients heal, sometimes even impossible things. They showed me that healing is a process; a deep transformational process, not a quick fix. Healing is a practice that follows the same seven steps. That’s why I named this work The Seven Tools of Healing.

Using these seven tools my patients and I work together to heal their chronic illness, emotional problems, relationships, childhood traumas, job problems, addictions etc. etc. This ability to heal anything is one of the most amazing things I have learned working with the tools. If you can name it, you can heal it, and if you can’t heal it (like you lost your arm in a tractor accident), you can heal your relationship with it and that can be just as good.

Knowing how powerful The Seven Tools are, I have longed to bring this work to a larger audience than one-on-one in the office. I wish everyone could know how to use these tools because what I know, deep in my heart, is that anyone who wants to do the work can use these tools and begin to heal their life. How exciting is that?

I began teaching classes in my community over a decade ago. This was fabulous but I wanted more people to experience the power of The Seven Tools. That’s why I decided to start teaching courses through this website. I know how much this work will help you if you let it. And I want nothing more than to help you heal.

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